• Application Preparation and Prosecution (Utility and Design)
  • Expedited Patent Examination (Track 1)
  • USPTO Examiner Interviews
  • Patentability Searching and Analysis
  • Collaboration with Global Patent Agents
  • Continuing Advice on Issued Patents (e.g. patent marking and notifications)
Moyles Ip

Mechanical and Manufacturing

Oil and Gas : Wellbore Tools, Explosives, Deployment Systems
Consumer Products: Molded/Machined Components and Finished Products
Automotive and Construction: Thermal/Acoustical Panels, Filtration/Nonwoven Materials, Flooring Systems
Aerospace and Transportation: Aviation Engines and Airfoils, Vehicle Engines and Braking Systems

Electrical and Computing

Control Systems: Autonomous Operation Controls, System and Process Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Optimization, RFID
Smart Technologies/Internet of Things: Connected Home Goods, Lighting Systems, Educational Tools
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning: Neural Network Architectures, Dynamic Data Flow Optimization
Imaging & Optics: Tomography Scanning, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Video Processing

Moyles Ip
Moyles Ip

Chemistry and Materials

Industrial Products: Polymers and Resins, Membranes, Coatings, Agglomerates
Explosives: Explosive and Reactive Compositions, Fragmentable Materials, Temperature/Pressure Tolerant Materials
Manufacturing: Metal Compositions, Cladded Metal Materials, Injection Molding Materials

Medical Devices

Surgical : Orthopedic and Surgical Fasteners, Radiosurgery and Computer-Aided Systems, Surgical Kits
Treatment: Transfusion Systems, Ventilators, Sleep Apnea Aids,
Handling: Bio-Processing Containers, Hazardous Material Disposal Systems
Medical Imaging: MRI, Tomography, Thermography, Stereotaxy