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Our logo was designed to reflect our informal approach to a prosaic profession. We are different. We know the world of law can be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be. We bring fresh ideas and straightforward solutions to the table. Without airs, we are a down-to-earth team that brings you clarity in a world of complexity.

Moyles IP is located at One Enterprise Drive, Suite 428, Shelton, CT, USA.

We are your virtual law firm, whether down the hall or across the world, we know your concerns and can help you with your legal needs. If you are interested in more information or if you would like to contact us, please fill out the form above, or use the contact info below.

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Our firm is built on years of experience. We’ve been there. We know that the world of law can be pin-striped and just as expensive. We are loosely-woven and affordable.